Current Researchers

Principle Investigator: Evelyn Merrill

Jingjing Xu

Jingjing is currently a PostDoc, under the supervision of Dr. Mark Lewis, Dr. Hao Wang, and Dr. Evelyn Merrill, in the departments of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and Biological Sciences. Jinjing is developing differential equation models to advise the control of the chronic wasting disease (CWD) spread in wild deer populations.

Maria Dobbin

Maria is a Master’s student investigating mule deer contact rates.

Kelsey Gritter

Kelsey is a Master’s student in Ecological Mathematical Modeling working with Dr. Mark Lewis and Dr. Evelyn Merrill. She is working on a movement model for the transmission of chronic wasting disease(CWD) that includes environmental factors.

Laurens Put

Laurens is a CWD Research Assistant working on the statistical modelling and R programing as well as the ShinyApp manual and report writing.